Use Cases

Process Guidance

Typical Challenges

In your organisation the brand development process may be inadequately defined causing similar, recurring challenges for each new brand.

Or you may have a process in place, but know there is scope for improvement.

Or, in your role as a global manager, you may look for additional brand expertise to build capability and excellence in your brand development team.

BURY | WALZ Approach

We begin by analysing your organisation’s specific situation and provide a bespoke roadmap to guide and help you overcome the challenges and gaps in brand development.

This may include designing a process map with precise brand development milestones and timings, as well as signposts to the engagement of relevant stakeholders. We also reveal correlations and interdependencies.

To help you increase your brand development excellence we introduce you to the specific language of brands and branding, as well as the common pitfalls and ways to avoid these.

The BURY | WALZ Brand Wheel which is part of our Red Thread methodology is a great asset if you aim to build your brand on a holistic foundation.

How you benefit

  • Painless process from molecule to a brand
  • Smoother and faster way to launch
  • Increased level of internal ownership
  • Improved branding excellence

Brand Stewardship

Typical Challenges

Agency briefing can present an underestimated challenge – one that genuinely requires considerable time and effort to perfect. Agency structures are often complex, with different parties working on the same project – all need a good understanding of your precise requirements.

During the hectic times of developing and preparing a brand for launch,
different business priorities often run in parallel and, as a global manager, you may lack the time to review agency deliverables rigorously, or you may miss the expert eye to spot the small things which can make a big difference.

In the late phase of brand development, where different agencies and internal stakeholders are developing multiple key materials, in the absence of agreed brand guidelines you may discover there’s been ‘creative latitude’ and you are now being presented with different interpretations of your brand.

BURY | WALZ Approach

By acting as the interface between clients and their agencies we are able to steer the brand development process on your behalf. Our expertise combines design with client business process understanding. This equips us to liaise efficiently and effectively with different agency partners to help you manage the briefing, delivery and approval process so that your expectations are fully met.

We can provide important strategic input as well as facilitate the creative implementation process.

How you benefit

  • Relief from the burden of agency management
  • Frees time to focus on the many other launch preparation activities
  • Better agency cost-value ratio
  • A brand that is carefully thought through from end-to-end
  • High degree of visual and verbal consistency from the start

Roll out design

Typical Challenges

Rolling out a global brand requires considerable energy as well as the full attention and commitment of all stakeholders.

You may wonder how you can encourage product managers around the world to all pull together so that your brand remains strong in the face of competition.

Or you may have difficulty in responding to affiliate requests when their local agencies prepare materials, but lack explicit guidelines and an easy way to locate artwork assets.

BURY | WALZ Approach

At BURY WALZ we believe that passion and winning the hearts and minds of your people are the essential ingredients to achieving brand impact.

Our creative branding workshop and programmes make this possible.

The tactics we use include brand quizzes and a wide range of interactive programes. For example, have you ever thought of rewarding product managers for being fully brand compliant?

The logical guidelines we create are structurally state-of-the-art and designed for multi-channel. Absolute clarity is guaranteed.

We can advise you on the best strategy to distribute your assets, so no one is lost in spending hours on searching. 

Last, but not least, we have the means to track the long term impact of your roll-out strategy.

How you benefit

  • Affiliates who understand why consistent branding is so important
  • High level of internal brand excellence
  • A consistently presented and communicated brand, strong in the face of any competition
  • Long term brand impact