You benefit from our experience of supporting more than 30 brands at various stages across the brand journey.


We see the patient at the heart of every brand.

Taking a holistic approach for each client means we see the little things that make a big difference. Along the brand development journey, we look where others don’t for that extra special something to demonstrate value.

In service of the brand we pragmatically put the interests of all stakeholders first. This translates into better client/agency briefings, well-focused resources and a smoother brand development journey.

We make sure the brand’s visual identity is fit for global and local purposes,
serves each audience effectively and translates into multi-channel marketing.

We provide the expertise that moves your product in the most efficient and timely manner – from molecule to brand – and from there to launch and maintenance.

Our unique Red Thread methodology underpins success.

Our scalability

  • Our partners in marketing and communications have been carefully chosen for their extensive experience
  • Creative & design experts are available on demand
  • A unique Read Thread methodology that can be adapted to your needs

Gesa Bury
Founder and Director

After many years of working in global pharma, liaising with global agencies and marketing leaders, I have been able to discern a number of crucial success factors to developing and launching a brand.

Achieving strong stewardship and creating clear processes during the brand development phase are vital – high quality results require a smooth, clear and collaborative process.

Experience has taught me that there is so much potential and opportunity hidden in the typical brand development process and that a company-wide roll-out of branding needs the full attention and buy-in from brand champions who will carry and convey the brand across the globe.

The desire to optimise this for each client and maximise brand impact drives my whole approach to business.


Social responsibility

BURY | WALZ is driven by a strong set of values and beliefs. Only by adhering to the highest standards of integrity can we succeed as an honest broker between all stakeholders and act as an impartial brand steward.

We are sensitive to cultural differences. We apply these insights to every aspect of our work.

Mindful of our social responsibilities, we are pleased to contribute 10% of our net profits to charities some of which are: